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Announcing: Enhancing Your Practice with Scleral Lenses, a New Webinar Series

Sep 20, 2022

Ten years ago, practitioners prescribed scleral lenses for patients with more severe corneal irregularities and ocular surface disease. But thanks to improved designs and materials, scleral lenses have become a more versatile and popular option for contact-lens wearers with less severe keratoconus/ectasia and complications from dry eye, allowing practitioners more flexibility in treating patients. More comfortable than ever, today’s scleral lenses enable practitioners to grow their specialty lens practice through referrals and patient satisfaction. But how might the scleral lens industry change over the next 10 years? Find out more about today's scleral wearers and how to prepare your practice for the future.

A woman's brown eye being examined with a slit lamp

This series of webinars, each 30 minutes in length, covers the following topics:

Webinar #1 –Demographics of Scleral Lens Wearers, October 20, 2022

Over the last decade, the demographics of people wearing scleral lenses has broadened dramatically. See how your patient base compares to the rest of the US scleral lens population.

Webinar #2 – Lifestyles and Interests of Scleral Lens Wearers, Date TBD

Today’s wearers are more active, athletic, and technology-engaged than ever before. See just how similar scleral lens wearers are compared to hydrogel patients, and how they differ.

Webinar #3 - Care and Maintenance of Scleral Lenses, Date TBD

Advanced designs and trial sets have made fitting better than ever. But patients may still struggle with care and compliance after they leave your practice. Learn about patient reported challenges and how you can help.

Webinar #4 – The Next 10 Years for Scleral Lenses, Date TBD

Learn about the future of scleral lenses, and what new features could drive new generations of scleral lens designs.