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Being Bold, Staying Hungry

The Mojo Blog sat down with recruiters Kurt Rochlitz and Hector Payez to talk about their vision for shaping and infusing the Mojo team with new talent

Feb 08, 2022

In 2020 we talked to Senior Director of HR Susan Anderson about the company’s remarkable and diverse workforce. Two years later, the team at Mojo continues to grow as we make new breakthroughs. We sat down with two of our recruiters, Kurt Rochlitz and Hector Payez, to ask about their vision in shaping the Mojo team with new talent.

Why is today an exciting time for a candidate to join Mojo Vision?

Kurt: For a lot of reasons. First, Mojo Lens has incredible potential. Not just for people that struggle with vision impairment, but for everyone else too—the possible applications feel limitless and so many are still undiscovered. This is one of the reasons that resonates with many of our candidates.

Second, there's been so much hype recently around the metaverse, where the real world overlaps with digital via AR and VR. Many companies are developing headsets that are targeted as metaverse appliances, but I think we have the ultimate form factor for most consumers’ lives. We are extremely well-positioned to offer unique experiences with Invisible Computing.

Third, we are producing lenses on a daily basis that we are very close to wearing and experimenting with. For candidates, there is a real opportunity to make a huge impact and be part of the team that brings Mojo Lens to life.

2022 is shaping up to be an exciting year. Which teams and what roles do you see growing at Mojo?

Kurt: We anticipate growth across all departments in 2022 with an emphasis on the ASIC, Hardware, and Software organizations. We also expect there'll be more openings within Clinical and Regulatory, Design, Sensor Systems and Product Management teams too. I would like to note that we are in process of opening Internship opportunities for several of this organizations.

Though Mojo embraces a wide range of people and disciplines, what are some common personality threads that you see across the whole population?

Kurt: There's a certain amount of grittiness that is shared by a large portion of the people here. The key ingredient is that you have to want to get on this journey. An entrepreneurial, DIY mindset is what succeeds here; we are trying to build something that's never been done before in an environment that is very hands-on. So this means, roll up your sleeves and wear whatever hat you need to, whether you’re a director or staff engineer.

Hector: It’s fair to say you have to come into Mojo hungry—to take on what is presented to you.

Kurt: One of the things I hear at Mojo more than I've heard anywhere else in my entire career is “back to principles.” To our people, that means you have a new problem, one that has not existed before because no product like ours has ever existed before. To solve that problem, you can’t just recycle a solution you’ve used in the past. You have to revisit theories you learned in academia and rethink how to address the problem. That’s happening across a lot of different disciplines here. We're miniaturizing things that have never needed to be this small. And so there's a lot of really creative solutions that are being developed inside these walls.

What advice would you give to someone considering a role at Mojo? What would they need to be successful?

Hector: It’s an old saying, but I think it applies here: you really have to think outside the box. They have to come into the process with that mindset.

Kurt: This is an environment that encourages people to be bold. This is not a paint-by-numbers job. We're looking for your ideas. We need your creative input and creative problem solving. And if that's something that you enjoy doing, know that at Mojo that opportunity doesn’t just exist—it’s essential.

Kurt, we’re talking about candidates and new hires, and you yourself are a new Mojo hire. What made you decide to join the company a few months ago?

Kurt: I was really impressed by the company overall, its prospects for success, and, most importantly, the people I would be working with and supporting. I always want to get involved with a company I can personally get behind from a mission and product perspective—and Mojo checks all those boxes for me!

What would you say to a job seeker interested in Mojo? How can they learn more about the company?

Hector: I’d tell them that our corporate site is a fantastic resource for what we are doing and who is leading the charge. There are great articles and posts in our News section. LinkedIn is a good spot to review our latest social posts and announcements.

More specifically, I’d recommend that software engineers look at our chat with SVP of Software Engineering Phil Graham. ASIC engineers should read our interview with Hardware and ASIC VP Renaldi Winoto. And everyone should take a couple minutes to view the work we accomplished as a part of the 2021 Disney Accelerator program.

How would the Mojo experience—and being able to put that experience on a resume—enhance someone’s career?

Kurt: Mojo is an exciting place to be right now. And changing the world with new solutions you were responsible for creating, testing and implementing always looks great on a resume.