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Mojo Vision Unveils World’s Densest Dynamic Display

Invisible Computing Company’s New MicroLED Display Sets Record for the World’s Smallest Dynamic Pixel Pitch

May 30, 2019

SARATOGA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mojo Vision, the Invisible Computing Company, revealed today its Mojo Vision 14K PPI Display, the smallest, densest dynamic display ever made. The prototype technology powers the world’s smallest pixels, delivering a pixel density 300 times greater than current smartphone displays.

The display uses MicroLEDs, a technology expected to play a critical role in the future development of next-generation wearables, AR/VR hardware and heads up displays (HUDs).

MicroLEDs require approximately 10 percent of the power of current LCD displays, and at 5 to 10 times higher brightness than OLEDs, enable comfortable viewing outdoors. The new monochrome display technology from Mojo Vision delivers a world record pixel pitch of over 14,000ppi and pixel density of over 200Mppi², making it the smallest, densest display for dynamic — or moving — content.

This technology breakthrough is critical to Mojo Vision’s development of augmented reality solutions that will fundamentally alter the future of computing and communications. The company is exploring new ways people can receive and share information that is immediate and relevant but doesn’t distract their attention from the world in front of them. Mojo Vision calls this platform Invisible Computing.

“Mojo Vision’s record-setting display is our first important step in reimagining how we access, view and share information beyond current mobile platforms,” said Mike Wiemer, CTO at Mojo Vision. “Today’s devices are tethered to us and often create a barrier to personal interactions. Now is the time for us to rethink the delivery of that information so that it is less intrusive. Our team has designed and built ground-breaking display technologies with this intent in mind.”

“Mojo’s high-density MicroLEDs represent a major advance in displays,” said Paul S. Martin, VP of Displays at Mojo Vision. “Creating screens with smaller pixels will deliver a nearly invisible low-power display without the distraction of today’s mobile devices. This prototype demonstrates the capability MicroLEDs have to create more seamless AR experiences.”

Mojo Vision 14K PPI Display technical specifications:

  • 0.48mm MicroLED display
  • 1.8µm pixel pitch
  • Sub-pixel pitch of over 14,000ppi
  • Sub-pixel density of over 200Mppi²

Mojo Vision will release more details on its MicroLED displays and technology development at a future date.

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About Mojo Vision

Mojo Vision is the Invisible Computing Company, dedicated to developing products and platforms that re-imagine the intersection of ideas, information and people. Instead of being tethered to devices that are increasingly a distraction in many aspects of our lives, Mojo envisions delivering information and knowledge that is immediate, but without the disruption of traditional devices. Mojo is inventing the future of computing – Invisible Computing – which imagines a world where information is there when you need it, technology fades away, and you can freely connect with others in a more meaningful and confident way. Founded by technology experts with decades of experience developing pioneering products and platforms and backed by some of the world’s leading technology investors, Mojo believes the future is invisible. Mojo Vision is based in Saratoga, CA

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