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We Have Reached A Significant Development Milestone with Mojo Lens

The Mojo Blog talks with CTO and co-founder Mike Wiemer about the technological advancements in the latest prototype of Mojo Lens

Mar 30, 2022

Our new prototype of Mojo Lens incorporates numerous industry-first features, including the world’s smallest and densest dynamic display, low-latency communication, and an eye-controlled user interface.

It’s a big day for Mojo Vision. Today, we announced our most advanced prototype of Mojo Lens, the world's first true smart contact lens.

This Mojo Lens prototype is a huge step forward with more firsts and bests than we can enumerate in a single blog post. We have advanced hardware innovations in the areas of display, communications, power, and eye-tracking. With these critical features coming together, Mojo now has a lens to further develop, test and iterate new Invisible Computing experiences that will bring new benefits to people for both everyday and mission-critical needs.

Alongside the hardware development, we have been investing in software experiences for Mojo Lens. In the new prototype, our software team has built foundational operating system code and user experience (UX) components for the first time. The new software will allow for further development and testing of important use cases for our partners and future customers.

The new Mojo Lens prototype accelerates the development of Invisible Computing, our next-generation computing experience where information is available and presented only when needed. This eyes-up experience allows users to access timely information quickly and discreetly without forcing them to look down at a screen or lose focus on the people and the world around them. We’re trying to change our relationship with devices and break down these barriers to fundamental personal connections. Mojo Lens lets you be more like yourself wherever your day takes you – we want the technology and the user experience to be something that doesn't distract from who you are.

An important part of the development of Mojo Lens is identifying use cases, and we’re already collaborating on next-generation user experiences for performance athletes and sports enthusiasts. This work is happening through strategic partnerships with some amazing sports and fitness brands, like Adidas Running and 18Birdies. The goal is to deliver training data and real-time stats in an eyes-up, hands-free way to improve focus and flow. Athletes and sports enthusiasts crave insights, but current wearables don’t effectively deliver in-the-moment or *during data*. Mojo Lens can give athletes a competitive edge, allowing them to stay focused during their workout or training activity and to maximize their performance without looking down at a device.

A Mojo Lens prototype

Feature and Technology Details

To make this newest prototype of Mojo Lens, we needed to invent and develop new technologies, from the display and optical systems for projecting augmented reality content to a low latency communications protocol for efficiently streaming data. Innovating the new features in the lens is a tremendous amount of work, along with successfully bringing them all together into a functional system with new manufacturing and quality management processes – all in such a small form factor. This level of integration is a considerable achievement in cross-discipline product development.

Mojo’s industry-first innovations and technologies include:

Smallest, Densest Display At the heart of Mojo Lens is our 14,000 pixels per inch MicroLED display. Measuring less than 0.5mm in diameter with a pixel-pitch of 1.8 microns, it is the world’s smallest and densest display ever created for dynamic content. Paired with a Mojo-designed micro-optic and custom silicon backplane chip, the Mojo display can project bright text, rich graphics and high-resolution video on the wearer’s retina that are visible indoors, outdoors, or even with eyes closed.

Low Latency Communication Mojo Vision has custom designed an ASIC for Mojo Lens that incorporates a 5GHz radio and ARM Core M0 processor that transmits sensor data off the lens and streams Augmented Reality (AR) content to the MicroLED display. The radio is capable of communicating with the ultra-low latency required by AR applications by using a Mojo-proprietary communication protocol that is more efficient and faster than Bluetooth LE.

Ultra Precise Eye Tracking A key element of any AR experience is the ability to see and interact with digital content placed within the world around us. Mojo Lens has a custom-configured accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer that continuously track eye movements so that AR imagery is held still as the eyes move. Coupled with proprietary motion-sensing algorithms, Mojo Lens’ eye-tracking is an order of magnitude more precise than today’s leading Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality optical eye-tracking systems and is a key enabler of Mojo’s unique eye-controlled user experience.

Medical-Grade Power System Powering Mojo Lens is a proprietary power management system that includes medical-grade micro-batteries and a Mojo-developed power management integrated circuit and wireless recharging componentry. The power system is a critical element of the Mojo Lens and allows Mojo to optimize the final product for all-day wear and to run reliability and safety tests in preparation for FDA clinical trials.

Eye-Controlled User Experience
To make Invisible Computing a reality, Mojo has unlocked the ultimate hands-free controller – your eyes. Nothing points as quickly or as accurately as your eye gaze, and with the ultra-precise eye tracking of Mojo Lens it is now possible to access and interact with AR content with just a glance. This forms the foundation of a unique and powerful user experience that will be fast, discreet, and effortless.

Exploring Use Cases and Refining Mojo Lens The next step in our development of Mojo Lens is for the company and select partners to begin extensive user testing and analysis, software application prototyping, and overall system and product optimization. In addition to clinical testing on the normally sighted, we will begin clinical evaluations of the lens with individuals that are visually impaired to continue forward with our mission to assist the millions of people that have some form of uncorrectable vision loss.

Since 2019, Mojo Vision has been working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) through its Breakthrough Devices Program to develop a discreet low vision aid. The Breakthrough Devices Program is a voluntary program designed to provide safe and timely access to medical devices that can help treat irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions.

The announcement today is exciting for many reasons. Since we first revealed Mojo Lens to the world in January 2020, we’ve been innovating and building, and integrating systems that many people thought couldn’t be built, let alone operational in a contact lens form factor. The most common thing we hear as we share this latest prototype is, “I knew there would be smart contact lenses, but I thought they were 10 or 20 years out, not now.” This is happening and I’m excited about our next milestones and realizing the promise of Invisible Computing.