The Future of Micro-LED Technology is Here.

Mojo Vision Micro-LED: the World's Smallest and Densest Dynamic Display

In 2015, Mojo Vision started on a path to make an extremely small display, one that would fit into a contact lens, and succeeded. Mojo Vision’s talented team of engineers and scientists have created the world’s smallest and densest micro-LED display technology. Now the company is directing its resources to develop and commercialize its world-class micro-LED technology. Using leading edge semiconductor technology, Mojo is building micro-LEDs that will disrupt the $160B+ display industry.

Tiny Display Technology is the Next Big Thing

Micro-LEDs are the only display technology that can meet all the requirements of the emerging AR/VR marketplace. Mojo Vision works closely with customers to develop displays optimized for their products. The micro-LEDs of the future will be able to deliver high resolution, bright and brilliant colors, with low power consumption. This new technology will dramatically improve display quality on existing products like TVs, monitors and smartphones, and enable new AR/VR products, smart wearables and more. We have created proprietary high performance micro-LEDs at extremely small sizes.

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