Mojo Vision High Performance Micro-LED Displays

Dynamic Displays: Up to 28,000 Pixels Per Inch

Mojo’s micro-LED technology platform is designed around three key pillars:

Core Technology

  • Efficient blue micro-LED devices at sub-µm scale
  • High efficiency quantum dot ink

Display System

  • Optimized CMOS backplane
  • Wafer to wafer bonding
  • Custom micro-lens optics

High Volume Manufacturing

  • 300mm GaN on Silicon
  • End-to-end 300mm flow
An illustrated exploded view of the Mojo micro-LED product

High-definition R/G/B

Mojo's three panel architecture produces ultra-high brightness with high efficiency for immersive AR headsets and glasses. Using a micro-lens with diameter matching the pixel pitch placed on top of a much smaller uLED emitter delivers up to 5 times more light flux into the entrance pupil of typical AR waveguides compared to conventional displays where the emitter size is matched to the pixel pitch.

3 Micro-LED display modules. Each emitting a Red, Green and Blue monochrome image of the Moon.

Monolithic RGB

Mojo's single RGB panel provides an ultra-compact, high brightness image source and simple driving scheme for consumer AR glasses. High Performance Quantum Dots (HPQD) provide wide color gamut, stable colors, and high reliability.

Full Color RGB Micro-LED display module