A vision of the future.

a female runner stretching

See the possibilities.

Mojo Lens’ revolutionary design uses a tiny microLED display the size of a grain of sand to share critical information, and smart sensors powered by solid-state batteries built into a scleral lens that also corrects your vision. By overlaying digital information onto our world, Mojo Lens empowers each of us to be our best self in any situation.

An illustrated exploded view of the Mojo Lens product

An informed view of the world.

Many augmented reality (AR) solutions try to create immersive experiences that can clutter reality. Mojo Lens is different. It quietly provides you with crucial data while you’re engaged in events that demand your attention. You can see trails on a ski slope, your pace for your last mile of a run, or talking points for a presentation, all without holding a device or looking down at a screen. With its invisible, wearable display, Mojo Lens helps you keep your concentration by providing information heads-up and hands-free.

An invisible breakthrough.

When you’re engaged in a demanding activity— setting pace for the group on a bicycle ride or a walking towards your airport rideshare while traveling—most devices give you information beforehand or afterwards. Mojo Lens gives you critical info during the activity without breaking your focus or flow. As the world’s first Invisible Computing device, Mojo Lens gives you information only when needed. It never gets in the way. And it lets you look like yourself wherever the day takes you.

man walking towards his ball on a golf course

Like nothing else on earth.

Mojo Lens uses unique, purpose-built microelectronics and the world’s densest, dynamic microLED display to layer digital images and information seamlessly into your life. Its smart software understands the athletic, business, and leisure activities you’re engaged in, so it can provide critical information without disrupting or distracting you.

Wear with confidence.

Asking you to wear Mojo Lens is something we don’t take lightly, and we’re dedicated to earning your trust. That’s why we are building our Invisible Computing platform in such a way that your data stays secure and private. We believe the things you do with Mojo Lens should belong to you and you alone; technology should benefit the user and not the other way around. We are committed to being open with you about the design of our products and how we deliver our experiences to you in simple terms. Our vision is to build it together.

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